Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Good Book - Midnight Mass by F. Paul Wilson

I picked this up at Toadstool Books here in New Hampshire. I was attracted to it because the blurb on the back referenced Salem's Lot by Stephen King. That book is one of my favorite horror novels. The blurb said that Salem's Lot was the last good vampire novel and Wilson's frustration with that is what drove him to write Midnight Mass.

The premise is that the vampires have taken over most of the world and the east coast of the US. And a band of people in New Jersey figure out a way to beat them. The vampires are not debonair, sophisticated sorts. They are disgusting, dirty vermin and you root for the good guys the whole time.

F. Paul Wilson has written a bunch of books, some of which I have read. But this is the first of his that I really feel enthused about.

Good book, especially on an airplane ride.

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