Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Socialized Medicine

We are currently suffering under socialized medicine. I do agree that the technically correct definition of “socialized” would mean controlled by a government bureaucracy, but our medical system is under the control of a private, profit-oriented insurance bureaucracy and the effect on our lives is virtually the same, perhaps worse.

  • Our individual choices are limited by insurance company bureaucrats.
  • Doctors have large administrative overhead to deal with the insurance company bureaucracy.
  • The true costs of medical care are both hidden and amplified by the insurance smoke screen.

There are those who argue that it would be worse if the government ran health care. Perhaps. I consistently read that Medicare is far less costly to administer than private insurance, but I don’t know who to believe any more.

However, why not consider a system that REALLY uses the free market? Eliminate the insurance middleman! Make medical pricing, direct from the providers, transparent. Open up true competition between providers of medical services rather than providers of insurance. Take a chunk of the cost out of the health care system by reducing all the overhead imposed by insurance programs. Where is it written that only insurance companies should pay medical bills on our behalf?

What we all really need is access to health care, not access to health insurance.

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