Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Blog

I've decided to devote this site to my web design and web writing work. So, I will be changing it in the new year. If you still are interested in reading my ramblings and fiction work I've set up a new site:


Hope to see you there.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

American Competitiveness: An Educated Work Force

It takes three components to make a country competitive in the world economy: an educated work force, a sound infrastructure, and pro-business policies. I wish to address the make up of the work force.

The nation needs a workforce with a range of capabilities, but there are minimum standards that should be attained when a person graduates high school. Everyone should be able to read a newspaper and comprehend what was written. Everyone should be able to read and understand instructions for the common things they will encounter in their lives: cars, refrigerators, computers… They must have a basic understanding of math. Arithmetic should be second nature, with the ability to spot an obvious mistake. Everyone should have some grounding in algebra and geometry. Some understanding of statistics is important, at least so they can understand what they read, hear and see  in the media. They should be able to speak and write grammatically correct English. Lastly, they must be as comfortable with computers as possible. This is the minimum necessary for economic competitiveness; I do feel more is necessary to make people good citizens – but not much more.

Post-high-school education should consist of two tracks. One track should teach the technical skills necessary to teach people how to grow, make and fix things. The other track (which today seems like the only track, or the only “desirable” track) should train people for the professions: engineering, law, medicine… As I’ve said in many other posts, we need more people who can figure out how to grow things, make things and move things than we do MBAs, lawyers, game programmers, YouTube video contributors, and – dare I say it – creative writers.

However, education is not the silver bullet to increasing American competitiveness. It is necessary, but not sufficient. Other countries have plenty of smart people – and in the case of China and India, way more of them.

Next post: American Competitiveness: A Sound Infrastructure

Friday, December 4, 2009

Town considers eyeing crime from the sky -- chicagotribune.com

I read this article today: Town considers eyeing crime from the sky -- chicagotribune.com

The concept is that there will be an aircraft (I couldn't tell from the article if this was a drone or a manned aircraft) filming virtually everything in the town - 24 / 7. Is this what we are moving to? Is this what we want? Our every move monitored? Our cell phones can track our movements. Our iPass can record where we've been and how fast we got there. Our credit and debit card transactions leave a trail of our whereabouts and actions. And now, we're being filmed from the sky. If this becomes the norm, will this still be the "the land of the free and the home of the brave"?

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I Do

Web Design

The internet has now become the 21st century version of the phonebook. More and more people now turn to the internet first to find information on local businesses: location, directions, phone numbers, hours and product information. According to recent surveys conducted by Webvisible and AC Nielsen, 63% of consumers and small business owners turn to the internet first for information on local businesses. And, this trend is accelerating.
Your web presence does not have to be a traditional custom coded website. Other alternatives are: social network pages (blogs, Facebook), YouTube videos, or existing online marketplaces. One of these alternatives, or some combination of these and a custom website, may be perfect for your needs. We’ll talk about your vision for your business / organization and arrive at an appropriate strategy.
I offer an affordable web presence for small businesses / organizations
  • Custom websites
  • Social Network consulting and setup assistance
  • Existing online marketplace consulting and setup assistance
  • My web projects are search engine optimized from the very beginning

Search Engine Optimization

It’s not rocket science! Using the Google Webmaster Guidelines, I will examine your existing site and make recommendations. Often times we only need to change page titles, URLs, HTML tags, and some content changes to utilize the relevant keywords for your business or organization.
  • I offer a thorough Keyword Analysis and provide detailed recommendations

Writing / Editing

There are lots of websites out there, a lot of competition. It is very important to present clear and compelling copy to promote your business or organization.
  • I can research and write keyword-rich copy for your site or social network application
  • I can proofread and edit your content prior to posting it online