Saturday, May 26, 2018

I'm Just a Mid-Century Modern Kind of Guy

On Wednesday (May 23, 2018), I went into Chicago to take a Chicago Architecture Foundation tour of the Inland Steel Building. Built in 1958, it is a classic example of modern architecture. It was a beautiful day to go into the city, as I hope the pictures show.

Willis Tower, or as I will always call it: the Sears Building

Stunning day. Lots of people out!

Sailboats heading out to Lake Michigan for the summer, waiting for the bridge to go up.

Lots of boat traffic on a gorgeous day!

Just a picture of buildings because it's my blog and I can.
The Inland Steel Building

Artwork in the lobby, added when the building was built.
Radiant One by Richard Lippold

Radiant One - foreground.
Blood Mirror by Anish Kapoor, added in 2017 in background.

Shot of the lobby from Monroe - no columns in the interior of the building
makes great light and feeling of open space!

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