Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We The People Need the Line-Item Veto!

Trump said that he needed to have the line-item veto when the budget bill came to his desk. Apparently, the Supreme Court has ruled that unconstitutional, so it’s not going to happen. You know who really needs the line-item veto? We do! Imagine this…

At tax time, after we figure out how much we owe (or already paid via our withholding), we get to apportion our tax payments to the programs we support. This would not reduce our tax burden, but give us a chance to “vote with our pocketbook” – something conservatives seem to encourage us to do quite often as opposed to picking up signs and protesting. So, if I think the border wall is a stupid idea (I do), then I zero that project out and apply that money to education. Or, I don’t think we should be meddling in Syria (I don’t), so I zero that out and give the money to the EPA to make sure we have clean air and water. Your choices may be different. But, it would be a really interesting experiment to see what we the people truly support and what we do not!

This will never happen of course. The powers that be, the people, corporations, and organizations donating huge sums of money to our elected officials do not care what we the people want – they paid for their Congressmen and they expect value for their payment! And our wishes go unheeded.

Recycled from the previous VoiceOfDoomAndGloom.com.

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