Saturday, June 9, 2018


I've expanded my presence on Goodreads. I beefed up my profile description, indicated my preferred genres (cheap, trashy novels wasn't one of the options, but I did the best I could) and found some more friends. I've struggled with the marketing side of self-publishing since I formatted my first book 5 years ago. I've read that authors (and publishers) need an active social media presence. But where? Some "experts" say Facebook, some Twitter, and some Instagram. Goodreads is rarely mentioned. As of September 2017, Goodreads reported 65 million members. That's only 3% of Facebook's 2.19 billion users. But, those 65 million users are mostly readers, prone to buying books - and reviewing them. (How many of your Facebook friends are avid readers?) I have read books about advertising that say you should go where your customers already are to get the word out. It seems apparent to me that authors, publishers and readers should spend more time interacting on Goodreads. I don't mean you should abandon other social media outlets, but shift some time toward Goodreads. If you love books and reading, the conversations are bound to be more stimulating that yet more posts about President CombOver! 😃

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