Monday, June 11, 2018

More Evidence People Suck: More Scams to Fleece Writers

Two articles caught my eye today during my daily scan of various blogs:

So-called hybrid publishing

"Because of indie publishing, the old vanity presses are reinventing themselves to look like hybrid small publishers or publishing service providers."

Your book could be a movie!

"These people are asking an indie author to pay a huge amount of money to a screenwriter to write a screenplay based on a self-published book."

Read the entire article.


"Bad players in our industry prey upon unsuspecting independent authors by disguising themselves as traditional publishing houses and using deceptive marketing tactics ...  They take advantage of new authors’ naivete, peddle false promises, sometimes even swindling them into signing away the rights to their manuscripts. Then, they leave the author with a fat bill ... Some companies will host faux writing or book contests for big cash prizes or the chance of a lucrative publishing contract. These contests are usually a front for piracy or for trying to get their marketing hooks into you. Don’t buy into them."

Read the entire article.

Please, think before you sign up.

P.S. - I say more evidence people suck because I read about a dog-fighting ring that kidnaps people's pets and heard a podcast about human trafficking (someone in the area tried to buy a 14 year old girl for sex!) right here in my own backyard. So, I have a somewhat sour view of people right now.

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