Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday, June 6, 2018, Architecture Foundation Tour

I went downtown today to take the Chicago Architecture Foundation Modern Masterpieces:
Marina City and the IBM Building tour. The weather was quite variable. Nice on the train ride down and the walk to lunch at O'Briens on the riverwalk, The clouds darkened at lunch and the beginning of the tour, getting really nice again at the end of the tour and walk back to the train station.

Looking northeast from my seat at lunch on Chicago's riverwalk.

Looking northwest at lunch. Note the darkening skies. Marina Towers are the
round buildings on the left and the IBM building is the black monolith on the right.

The State Street bridge is raised to let some sailboats through while I ate. The bridges
are massive and awesome when raised.

Looking southwest from Marina Towers.

Straight up at the east tower of
Marina Towers and the IBM
Building east of it. 

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