Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Book Design Going the Way of Web Design: I Do Not Approve!

I left the web design business partially because new services like Wix and Squarespace made it so easy to develop a nice looking, functional website. Now I am seeing the same thing happening with book design – especially Kindle design. The Kindle Previewer, or Kindle Create tool, make going from a Word document to Kindle book like falling off a log! It still takes a bit of savvy to get a well-formatted print book, but it won’t be long before that is ridiculously easy too. I will be out of this book design business by 2020.

I guess I’ll have to write my own books. Hopefully the computers won’t be able to write better than people anytime soon.

Here is the article that triggered today's rant:
"DIY for writers: now produce and publish your book in 30 minutes flat! 
How does it work? Once you have your edited content segregated into chapters and have the pictures, figures and tables ready, you can start loading it on to Xpress. The software runs you through each page and lets you choose the layout design (including size of the book, font type, page format and also the paper quality if you are going for a print book). 
The last steps include the design of the cover page and inside covers. Then a set of rigorous checks are performed to satisfy publishing requirements. An error report is generated based on this check. Once you fix the errors, your book is done - in under 30 minutes!”
Read the entire article.

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