Monday, November 5, 2018

Writing a Book Description That Sells

I ran across an article today about writing book blurbs. I believe that authors tend to write book blurbs that are more like a synopsis, rather than creating copy that sells the book.

From the article:

  • Successful indie author Mark Dawson surveys his readers via email every year. In his recent survey he asked his readers what convinced them to buy one of his books. Of the 5000+ readers, the overwhelming majority said the book description. 
  • The book cover gets them to read the description and the description makes them click the buy button. 
  • Think of your copy as a compelling story. But story does not mean regurgitating the book’s plot. It’s about the story of the reader experience. 
  • Remember people don’t buy stuff, they buy an experience. Where is your book going to take them? What problem will it solve? What emotions are you going to connect with? 
  • The biggest mistake I see fiction authors make is just regurgitating a plot summary complete with at least four character full names and one or two towns thrown in where the action takes place. This is a mistake.

The blog's author mentioned a copywriter that will write your book blurb for $297: .

Read the entire article; it's worth the time:

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