Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Writers: Don't Get Fleeced! Can't Repeat This Enough

One of the most useful websites available to self-published authors is Writers Beware. Their mission: 
“Shining a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls.”
In January, they released a list of 12 so-called publishers you should steer away from. In December, they added 21 more to the list! In addition, there are a couple of pay-to-play review outfits that are mentioned in the scam companies – if you see them listed in an outfit your are looking at, you should reconsider.
“Not all the clones offer publishing services, but they all offer "marketing": press releases. Paid book review packages. Book fair exhibits. Ingram catalog listings. Hollywood book-to-screen packages. These and more are junk marketing – PR services of dubious value and effectiveness that are cheap to provide but can be sold at a huge markup.

There also appears to be a relationship between the clones and a pay-to-play book review service that operates under two names: Hollywood Book Reviews and Pacific Book Review. A large number of clones include reviews from this service in their marketing packages (as, in fact, does Author Solutions).”
January 2018 List:

LitFire Publishing d.b.a. Amelia Book Company and Amelia Publishing
Legaia Books
Stratton Press
Toplink Publishing
Book-Art Press Solutions
Window Press Club
Westwood Books Publishing (formerly Greenberry Publishing), also d.b.a. Authors Press
BookVenture Publishing
Okir Publishing d.b.a. ADbook Press and Coffee Press
Zeta Publishing
Everlastale Publishing

December 2018 Additions to the List:

Ascribed LLC (very probably also d.b.a. Outstrip LLC)
AuthorCentrix (formerly BookBlastPro)
Black Lacquer Press & Marketing
Book Agency Plus
Book Magnets
Book Reads Publishing
Book Vine Press
BookWhip / Carter Press
Capstone Media Services
Global Summit House
Goldman Agency
Maple Leaf Publishing
Matchstick Literary
Outstrip LLC (very probably also d.b.a. as Ascribed LLC)
PageTurner Press and Media
Paramount Books Media
Sherlock Press
Stonewall Press (formerly Uirtus Solutions)
URLink Print and Media
The Writer Central

Please, before you sign up with a firm, check them out on Writers Beware. Google them. Ask me. There are many companies who only wish to separate naive writers from their money – don’t fall for their pitch!

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