Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Publishing Odds & Ends: Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics, Good News About Book Sales

Here is a good article about book marketing. Don’t rush in and jump on the latest marketing gimmick bandwagon. Come up with a strategy to reach your users and only use the marketing tactics that will add to your particular strategy; skip the ones that don’t.
"Before considering new marketing tactics and platforms, authors should focus on understanding their goals and assessing their resources.

… the more you’re focused on your own long-term outcomes and how to wisely use your time and resources, the better prepared you’ll be to consider or experiment with new tactics, adopting or discarding them as you see fit."
Read the entire article.

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Here is some good news about readership! Recently I wrote that print-book bigots annoy me when they celebrate ebook sales declines. However, it’s equally annoying when ebook bigots try to minimize print book accomplishments. All indie publishers, and all writers, should be pleased when more written works are sold – regardless of the format.
"The Association of American Publishers has published its annual revenue report for the 1,375 publishers who submit their revenue data to the AAP. This info is not to be confused with sales data or the sum total of the US book market, although it will likely be misconstrued that way.

Publisher revenue rose $342 million last year, to $7.49 billion. While on the one hand 5% growth rate looks awesome, a closer look shows that most of that growth was due to increased sales of audiobooks and hardback books."
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