Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Publishing Odds & Ends: Google Play, Giveaways?, Beware of Another Indie Author Ripoff

D2D Can Get You in Google Play

Draft2Digital has added Google Play Books to its list of ebook distribution outlets. If you have decided to go wide rather than stick with KDP exclusively, you owe it to yourself to check out Draft2Digital!
“Google Play Books sells ebooks in 70 countries around the world, and thanks to their previous problem with piracy they are notoriously difficult to get into. It is good to have another way in.”
Read the entire article from The Digital Reader.

Give Your Writing Away for Free?

Why do we feel we have to give our books away to sell books? Do you see giveaways at Target for anything? Did Tesla give cars away in the beginning because they were an unknown in the auto industry in the beginning? I sure don’t remember that. I think authors give too much away for too little. You get copies of the literary journal you submitted to as compensation for your short story? That’s lame. They charge a bundle for those journals at Barnes & Nobel – I don’t see them giving them away for no cash!
“One argument I see regularly in various book groups is, ‘I won’t pay full price for a book by an author I don’t know’. 
I often wonder if those people try that same argument at the cinema. ‘I’ve never seen anything by this director so can I have a cheap seat? If I like it, I may come again to see other films.’ Or perhaps at a restaurant. ‘Zebra steak? That sounds good, but I’ve never eaten if before so can I have it free/cheap because if I like it I may come again.’”
Read the entire article from the Self Publishing Advice website..

Authors Being Ripped Off Again

Read the fine print. Make sure your publisher isn’t claiming that the copyright for the edited book belongs to them!
“It's not standard industry practice. No reputable publisher that I know of, large or small, deprives the author of the right to re-publish the final edited version of their book, either in its contracts or upon rights reversion.”
Read the entire article from Writer Beware!

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