Monday, May 20, 2019

Authors: Don't Pay Someone to Publish Your Book!

Here is yet another article imploring authors to never pay someone else to publish your book. Even though they call themselves “hybrid publishers” they are really just vanity publishers in disguise. Note: this isn’t the same as paying someone for a service: editing, formatting, or marketing assistance. If you choose to pay for specific deliverables, that is OK. Hold the service provider accountable! Get what you paid for.
“The first reality is to understand that vanity presses will never help you succeed. 
I hear from so many authors who had wild dreams, were told mistruths and paid an awful lot of money to publish their book. And all for nothing. 
Vanity publishing is definitely not self-publishing. Paying a vanity publishing company to sell books to you is not a recipe for success. Do not fall for the trap.”
Somewhat of a tangent on the vanity publishing angle:
“Combined Indie author ebook sales of imprint, not listed and collective amount to over 37% of the market. A full 12% higher than the Big Five publishers market share!”

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