Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In Trump’s World, Rules Are For Chumps

As most of you probably know, the horse that appeared to win the Kentucky Derby was disqualified for breaking the rules – running out of its lane and bumping into other horses. The ruling was appealed and upon further investigation, was upheld.

I saw Trump’s tweet about the Kentucky Derby.

Trump said the ruling was wrong, and that it was due to “political correctness.” To Trump, and many of his supporters, playing by the rules means you are being merely “politically correct.” Since being politically correct is bad in their world, I think we can all see where playing by the rules ends up. Trump is definitely an “ends justify the means” kind of guy. Winning is all that matters; how you win is not at all important.
What makes America exceptional? Some think it’s because we attempt, and strive, to be a nation of laws. That separates us from dictatorships and banana republics. It means that even the rich and powerful can be held accountable. We’re not always good at it, but it is an ideal I think most of us would like to see realized.
“We are a nation of laws and not of men.” – John Adams, second President of the United States
From a Heritage Foundation article entitled “Why is AmericaExceptional?
“Working from the principle of equality, the American Founders asserted that men could govern themselves according to common beliefs and the rule of law. Throughout history, political power was—and still is—often held by the strongest. But if all are equal and have the same rights, then no one is fit by nature to rule or to be ruled.” 
I don’t think this administration feels that way. I think Trump and his hangers-on feel they are entitled to be treated differently. They feel that those pesky laws and regulations should not apply to them. They feel they shouldn’t pay much in taxes because they are “job creators” and therefore have done enough.
“We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” – Leona Helmsley
I fear that if we continue down this road we will be reduced to banana republic status. The rich will be able to do whatever they please and the rest of us will be hassled by petty laws that change on a whim. Our environment will continue to degrade. Our economy, once the beneficial effects of the tax cuts wear off, will become more volatile and fragile. It won’t be pretty. We must vote this gang out in 2020 before more damage is done to our country.

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