Monday, May 6, 2019

Indie Publishing: Your Book's Keywords

After reading the following blog posts, I realized I haven’t spent enough time focusing on keywords, and I have been using ineffective keywords. I have single or 2-word keywords for my book, Book Formatting Demystified, and see that perhaps that isn’t the way to go. So, I followed the advice in these articles and changed my keywords for my book – using longer phrases instead of single words.

I write these blog posts way ahead of time. Today is March 20th and this post is scheduled to appear on May 6th. In this case, that may be enough time to see if it made any difference! I have put on my calendar to check my sales reports on May 2nd to see if there was any impact at all. The way sales have been going, any sales greater than 0 might be indication enough! Look for a PS at the bottom of this post for that information, but do not skip the articles I’ve linked – I think there is some valuable information here. Just because it might not work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you.
"When you publish a new book, finding the best seven Amazon KDP keywords can often prove a difficult task, especially for new authors. Even some seasoned self-publishing authors find this an onerous task. 
Long tail keywords consist of more than one word, so in fact, they are short phrases. Many authors misunderstand this point when selecting Amazon KDP keywords, believing that a keyword should be only one word. This is not the case at all. Each one of your seven Amazon keywords should be more than one word. 
Google is a great tool to start looking for longtail keywords, because the suggestions given are real keyword terms that people have already used to search, and it’s such a simple process to find them. 
… the effort it takes to research keywords will be worthwhile in the long term, as you will find perhaps four or five very strong, discoverable longtail keywords that will continue to attract potential book buyers to your book for years to come."
Read the entire article on the Just Publishing Advice website.
"Just remember that a one word keyword will be highly competitive, so avoid them. It is much better to choose longtail keywords for your seven KDP keywords."
Read another article on this topic on the Just Publishing Advice website.

Here is information right from the KDP help files.
PS - it's May 2nd. I have had some sales on my book, but I cannot claim that the change to the keywords and description made a dramatic difference. That's not to say that it won't make a difference in your case, of course.

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