Monday, May 13, 2019

Publishing Odds & Ends: Writers Beware & Kindle Delivery Costs

Scam Alert

Once again, I came across a blog post about scam publishers. I can’t reiterate strongly enough: be careful before you hand over your money! Indie publishing means you have to get help: editing, formatting, perhaps some marketing help. You have to make sure you are going to get the help you need at a reasonable price. Read the fine print!
"There are a lot of ways an author can publish, but if you receive an unsolicited offer from a publishing company or publishing service, you should be very careful. 
It is extremely rare for reputable publishers or a literary agent representing a traditional publishing house to contact an author with a publishing offer unless the author has celebrity status. 
It is too late after parting with thousands of dollars to discover that your publisher has no responsibility under your contract to sell your book."
Read the entire article on the Just Publishing Advice website.

Kindle Delivery Costs

Go easy on images in Kindle ebooks. If you have lots of images in your ebook, your royalty will be diminished, sometimes considerably. Apparently, the same goes for covers, according to this article. The larger the cover file (in megabytes), the larger the delivery cost. I’ve written about the delivery cost issue before in a previous post, complete with an example.

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