Monday, May 27, 2019

Serialize Your Novel

I read Write. Publish. Repeat. over my vacation. The authors said, over and over, write more; sell more. How many times have we heard that? They said they had success serializing some of their novels. They broke them up into chunks. They released the chunks every two weeks at 99 cents each. Each chunk had a teaser at the end that referred to the next installment. Then, at the end, they sold the entire book at a slight discount to the sum of the chunks. All of this was done as ebooks of course. (They are among the indie publishers that say to release as an ebook first and only if there is interest, invest in the extra money to come out in print.)

So, if you have 5 chunks, you release those over 10 weeks at 99 cents each. Total: $4.95. Then, on week 12, you release the entire book for $4.25.

Will it work for you as it did for them? It depends on the book. It depends on whether the chunks have enough of a cliffhanger to inspire people to buy the next installment. It certainly seems worth trying.

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