Friday, July 26, 2019

Jane Friedman's Annual Key Book Publishing Paths

Jane Friedman published her latest edition of the Key Book Publishing Paths.

As you might expect, getting a book deal from a traditional publisher is the best option, whether it be the big 5 or a small press. The key thing to remember is that being traditionally published means that the author pays nothing to get published; the publisher assumes all the financial risk. You may earn a smaller royalty, but the editing, design and marketing support will be better than you can do on your own.

The next best option, in my opinion, is the Indie / DIY (Do It Yourself) option. You get complete control (you have little control with traditional publishing, especially with the title and cover) and receive the largest royalty. But, everything is on you. You have to find a competent editor, a good book designer (if you're reading this blog you already know one) and a book cover designer. All the marketing is on you.

The worst option is Assisted & Hybrid. You pay upfront, usually at inflated prices, for the privilege of publishing. This category contains most of the scams - companies making promises they can't, or won't, keep.

The last column is labeled "Social." This column is for bloggers or writers that publish on Wattpad or Medium. It's not easy to make money this way, but it can give authors exposure for their books.

Read the entire report.

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