Friday, July 19, 2019

Stop Wasting Your Time Marketing on Social Media

This article is from way back in the digital stone age: 2014. I wish I had read it then, and taken it seriously, though I’m not sure I would have that year. My attitude has changed drastically since then, based on my own experience and the lessons learned from my clients.

My 7/8 post was about focusing on writing as opposed to marketing. This post is in the same vein. Social media: writers are supposed to develop their social media platform. The marketing gurus say if you self-publish you have to do this. Agents won’t talk to you until you have a social media platform all set up with thousands of likes. But is there any return on all the time you have to spend on it? This article argues that there is no return, in fact, if it reduces the time you spend on your writing (which it inevitably will), it will generate a negative return.

Once again, the same advice I’ve seen over and over appears here. This time it’s from Amazon Publishing! Write more books. Keep writing. If you love it, do it and stop wasting your time and money on gimmicks that claim to sell more books, but don’t.
“Conventional wisdom in the publishing industry suggests that a robust online presence, maintained by an author, will compensate for a non-existent marketing budget and that some uncoachable mix of wit and digital luck can propel an author from obscurity to fame. The reality is that successful online marketing, just like successful offline marketing, is driven by money. A social media presence with no cash behind it doesn’t do much for the average author when it comes to selling books, and squandering precious hours on building a platform that few people will ever see—hours that could otherwise be spent writing—is a mistake that can hurt your productivity and, therefore, your career.

According to research by Social@Ogilvy, which was recently published in Advertising Age, a mere 6.15 percent of fans (people who like a page) see each organic (unpaid) post from a brand.

The advice they gave to my author friend (who spoke on the condition of anonymity, per her contract with Amazon): write more. Don’t waste time on social media. The single biggest factor in whether or not you sell books is whether or not you write books.

When you have to make a choice about how to spend your writing time, choose your book first. Every. Single. Time. To approach your writing career any other way is a mistake.”
Read the entire article!

Also, Seth Rogen had something similar to say about social media in 2018:
“The narrative of social media grooming is a seductive one, but it’s as much of a dead end as spending an extra hour picking out which tie to wear before giving a speech.”

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