Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Indie Published Book Covers

I read an article on The Book Designer that mentions something very important: your book cover must look good in a small, thumbnail size – especially for indie-published books. Few indie published books end up in bookstores. Therefore, the online appearance of your cover is far more important than the physical book’s look. Too many indie-published authors design their covers as if their book will end up on the shelf at Barnes & Noble as opposed to a 1.1” wide x 1.6” high online cover. Take a look at your cover at thumbnail size and see if you can read the title, or the subtitle. Do your graphics clearly indicate what you want to express at that size? For indie publishing, especially ebooks, it is crucial that the cover works online, as opposed to the physical version. In fact, for online sales, you could leave the back cover completely blank and it won’t make much difference – hardly anyone will see it prior to buying the book! 

The article mentions more things to think about when designing a cover. From the article:
"A cover makes a promise. It tells the reader very clearly — through words, but also through design — exactly what they’re going to read.

We could make the same kinds of observations about a thriller, a business non-fiction book, an inspirational title — each genre and subgenre has certain tropes (characteristic elements) that identify it. Even literary fiction!"
Read the entire article on The Book Designer.

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